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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Limitless and Battle Los Angeles

Just saw the movie limitless today, and i actually liked it quite a bit. The story is about a man who acquires a pill that allows him to use 100% of his brain. I thought it was really cool. The concept was neat, and the acting was quite good also.  I liked that this stuff seems like it could truly happen, if someone found this pill. It honestly made me a bit jealous, and i wish i could find a pill that would make me a genius. I give it an 4/5.

I also saw Battle Los Angeles two days ago. Although i heard alot of people didn't like it, i thought it was a good movie. The battle scenes were very good, although sometimes hard to follow as the camera was moving very fast. The aliens were cool, because they had both infantry and vehicles, and weren't weak, but not invincible either.  The plot is about aliens coming and attacking majorly populated cities, and a squad of marines in L.A. trying to defend it. I would give the movie a 3.5/5

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Headstones ( Canadian music update)

I have never really listend to them before, but recently i have heard some of The Headstones music, a band up here in Canada, and they play some really good rock. There most popular song is probably there cover of Tweeter And The Monkey Man by the Traveling Wilburys. It is a sweet cover. I have been looking for more Canadian bands besides the obvious, Rush, NickelBack, and other large bands(not justin bieber).

A good metal band from Canada, 3 Inches of Blood, is quite small , but they are very good. I have heard them compared too quicker version of Iron Maiden, although the lead singer has an extremly high voice. It is really the only Canadian metal Band i know.

If anyone knows of any other good Canadian music, comment below and i will be sure to check it out.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Code Geass : Lelouch Of The Rebellion

I have just finished the anime series Code Geass, and it was a superb show.

I really enjoyed the animation, as well as the music.  The Characters were very cool and well done, some of my favorites being Li Xingke,  Lelouch, Kallen, Rollo, C.C. This was the first anime that i have watched that has to do with mechs (knighmare frames in code geass) and the combat scenes were very cool. Another great thing was that the combat was not all about might, much of it tactics.  Even the episodes that had no major impact on the story line, were amusing and funny to watch. There was a great blend of humor, seriousness, and sadness in Code Geass. This was easily one of my favorite anime s,  and upon searching on you tube it seems there will be a new season, or some sort of new content which i am looking forward too. 

 This is a great anime, and i give it a 8/10.

The Saxon Stories and Contact Harvest- Book Updates

I recently finished the series of books, The Saxon Stories written by Bernard Cornwell. I Can easily say these are some of the best historical fiction, if not books, i have read ever. Telling the story of ancient Britain before it became a nation, and of its numerous battles with the Danes. These are amazing stories and the last book, The Burning Land, is probably my favorite book through the whole series. While recounting historical figures, and battles, from the view of Uhtred, a warrior, it manages to keep you entertained the entire time. I recommend these books highly if your a fan of historical fiction, or just looking for a good read.

I also started reading the book Contact Harvest, of the halo series. Told as a prequel to the games, when the humans are first meeting the covenant, has been a great book so far. I read the rest of the books in the series a couple of years ago, and now am finishing them off. I recall it was also a good series, if your a fan of sci-fi or halo.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Metal Music Update.

I have been listening to some metal lately, and i have found that im willing to listen to much heavier stuff then i used to. As long as i can understand the lyrics, im fine with it. I really like the bands Children of Bodom, Slipknot, and some others. I also found a hilarious cover band of the death metal band Cannibal Corpse, Called Cannabis Corpse. It songs with very similar names to the originals, except about marijuana. You should search them up for a good laugh.

 Ive also been listening to some more classic metal, for example Metallica, or Iron maiden. Man how i love metal!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Start of my Blog

Hi, this is Lucas, and i will be starting off my blog today. Just so you can know what to expect, i will be posting Music related posts, movies, almost anything really.