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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Limitless and Battle Los Angeles

Just saw the movie limitless today, and i actually liked it quite a bit. The story is about a man who acquires a pill that allows him to use 100% of his brain. I thought it was really cool. The concept was neat, and the acting was quite good also.  I liked that this stuff seems like it could truly happen, if someone found this pill. It honestly made me a bit jealous, and i wish i could find a pill that would make me a genius. I give it an 4/5.

I also saw Battle Los Angeles two days ago. Although i heard alot of people didn't like it, i thought it was a good movie. The battle scenes were very good, although sometimes hard to follow as the camera was moving very fast. The aliens were cool, because they had both infantry and vehicles, and weren't weak, but not invincible either.  The plot is about aliens coming and attacking majorly populated cities, and a squad of marines in L.A. trying to defend it. I would give the movie a 3.5/5