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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Game Soundtracks

Today i'm talking about game soundtracks. I find that a game sound track is essential. For example if i'm playing a medieval fantasy game, i need good medieval music to help me to get into the mood. It is the same with any game genre. It helps moments get more tense, or less. Some great soundtracks are, Halo 2, Morrowind, , or Fallout 3 with its oldies music. These soundtracks all help to make the game epic, whether it is opening the menu to Morrowind, or the level in Halo 2 where the covenant is falling apart around you, and you are listening to Blow Me Away by breaking Benjamin. As you roam the capital wasteland listening to either Threedog, or president John Henry Eden, it fits perfectly. Some of these games have songs that are so good i have downloaded them to put on my iPod. The concert video games live came  to my hometown, and i would have seen them, had i been free that night. It would be a very cool screen show, as well as it would be amazing to hear the game music orchestrated live.

So what are your favorite sound tracks to video games?


  1. "I don’t want to set the world on fire
    I just want to start a flame in your heart"

    Sounds track of fallout 3 got kinda repetitive after the 100th time.. But having played new vegas i'm kinda missing it :) following.

  2. i love the fallout and elderscrolls sound tracks

  3. I really enjoy the music from the older 8-bit era.

    Btw I attended the Video Games Live concert as well. Awesome night.
    Following :D

  4. I fancy a good soundtrack - final fantasy is ok tier - i remember a friend of mine once was blaring the h1 soundtrack to no end

  5. My favourite soundtrack is GTA vice city. Im so glad they used real songs from the era that matched the game, made it so much more enjoyable