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Sunday, 22 May 2011


I recently saw the ban Rammstein in concert, and it was absolutely awesome.

Being Rammstein, i knew the music was going to be good. But one of the most unique and best things was the pyrotechnics and stage show. First of all, the fireworks were insane. There was fireworks set along with the music at parts, and there was even a part where the lead singer grabbed this rocket launcher like thing, shot it up in the air, and it flew out into the audience. It next hit the tower by the sound crew, and then came back at the stage. It was really cool looking. There was all the flames, fire, explosions, theatrics, that you could look for in a metal concert. Things like people being lit on fire, or angel wings with fire shooting out and fireworks. This combined with the music made it a great show. The energy and the people in the sold out stadium singing along (in German, not knowing most of what they were sining) was absolutely electric. There was people of all types there. Old people, goth people, kids, absolutely everyone. I missed most of the opening band, Combichrist, but from what i heard they were alright.

I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes metal, or wants to see a crazy concert with a crazy stage show


Sunday, 1 May 2011

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

By now You have probably heard about it from 90% of the people you know, and read it 7 times, but i thought i would share my views on it.

U.S.A! The people were shouting in the courtyard of the white house. It is obviously a great victory against terrorism. There have not been many definitive blows in the war on terrorism, but this is a massive one. But then i start thinking about the troops still stationed in the middle east, and i wonder what sort of repercussions there will be? 

It is a great day, but i there will always be people to replace him. The terrorists may strike back as a retribution. These are the only things that i can see that are negative with this.

I , as well as most of the world, am glad he is gone off the earth, justice is served, and another step is taken to restoring peace in the middle east.