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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Code Geass : Lelouch Of The Rebellion

I have just finished the anime series Code Geass, and it was a superb show.

I really enjoyed the animation, as well as the music.  The Characters were very cool and well done, some of my favorites being Li Xingke,  Lelouch, Kallen, Rollo, C.C. This was the first anime that i have watched that has to do with mechs (knighmare frames in code geass) and the combat scenes were very cool. Another great thing was that the combat was not all about might, much of it tactics.  Even the episodes that had no major impact on the story line, were amusing and funny to watch. There was a great blend of humor, seriousness, and sadness in Code Geass. This was easily one of my favorite anime s,  and upon searching on you tube it seems there will be a new season, or some sort of new content which i am looking forward too. 

 This is a great anime, and i give it a 8/10.


  1. Indeed it is a great anime.

  2. I remember waiting every week for a new episode of code geass. You should watch Death Note if you haven't ;p

  3. well, ive seen a couple episodes, but never the whole thing. planning on watching it though.