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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Saxon Stories and Contact Harvest- Book Updates

I recently finished the series of books, The Saxon Stories written by Bernard Cornwell. I Can easily say these are some of the best historical fiction, if not books, i have read ever. Telling the story of ancient Britain before it became a nation, and of its numerous battles with the Danes. These are amazing stories and the last book, The Burning Land, is probably my favorite book through the whole series. While recounting historical figures, and battles, from the view of Uhtred, a warrior, it manages to keep you entertained the entire time. I recommend these books highly if your a fan of historical fiction, or just looking for a good read.

I also started reading the book Contact Harvest, of the halo series. Told as a prequel to the games, when the humans are first meeting the covenant, has been a great book so far. I read the rest of the books in the series a couple of years ago, and now am finishing them off. I recall it was also a good series, if your a fan of sci-fi or halo.


  1. Been wanting to read the Contact Harvest, thanks for the insight hopefully I get around to it soon

  2. Yes, im not super far into it yet, but its good so far.